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Damning Audit Shows New York Paid Up To $14,050 Per Covid-19 “Vaccination”



An audit reveals that New York City health officials routinely overpaid a contractor to provide COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, paying as much as $14,050 for a single COVID-19 shot.

Brad Lander, the city comptroller of New York City, discovered that officials allowed Executive Medical Services, a contractor given a contract early in the COVID-19 pandemic, to set its own staffing levels, resulting in out-of-control costs.

Due to the high costs and inefficient procedures, only one vaccination was given for every two billed hours, according to an analysis of the invoices.

“Emergency contracting allows the City to stand up vital services in times of crisis, but demands heightened vigilance to safeguard the fiscal interests of the City. Our audit reveals significant weaknesses in the control mechanisms that impact past, present, and potentially future emergencies. By addressing these challenges head-on, agencies can better spend New York City’s taxpayer dollars wisely and efficiently, even in crises,” Lander, a Democrat, said in a statement.

A request for comment was not answered by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Health Services, which was responsible for paying Executive Medical Services.

Affiliated Physicians, also known as Executive Medical Services, did not respond to a query.


Executive Medical Services’ initial payment from the agency was up to $500,000. The agency paid the contractor about $390 million after six contract amendments that extended it through the end of 2022.

Executive Medical Services received payment under the contract to build permanent and transient, or popup, sites for COVID-19 testing or vaccination. 267 of the 302 sites were transient.

Lander’s office looked into the Department of Health to determine whether it had ensured that payments made to the contractor were lawful, that staffing levels were reasonably in line with demand, and that sites were established fairly in accordance with the contract’s terms.

While auditors discovered that COVID-19-affected communities had sites established as needed and that most invoices were accompanied by supporting documentation, they also found worrying information regarding staffing levels and costs.

The department “did not adequately control or monitor staffing levels,” Lander’s office said.

According to the agreement, Executive Medical Services would receive $150 per hour across all locations, in addition to $100 for each test and $25 for each shot that were given. The department was in charge of overseeing contractor performance, but the plan lacked criteria for determining whether sites had enough staff in relation to demand, according to auditors. That left the department with “limited means of effectively controlling expenditures or minimizing waste.”

Auditors discovered that one test was administered every 1.6 staff hours and one vaccination every 2 staff hours after examining a sample of 49 invoices and supporting documentation.

Auditors also discovered soaring expenses, such as payments of up to $14,050 for each vaccination given and up to $2,040 for each test performed.

Across various sites, prices varied greatly. The least amount paid per shot given was $70, and the least amount paid for each test was $128.

The organization informed auditors that it assisted in determining staffing levels in accordance with recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and that some employees, such as managers and observers, did not directly administer tests or vaccinations. Officials said staffing numbers were “pre- determined based on the layout of a particular venue, number of vaccine products offered and anticipated demand.”

“The lives of New Yorkers were saved because of the City’s efforts to provide testing and vaccination services. It is not possible to place a monetary value on a life,” officials added.

Other Failings

The audit also revealed that beginning in December 2020, authorities started expecting the contractor to deliver daily summary reports.

The reports detailed both the work done and the number of employees at each location.

Both a representative from the Department of Health and Executive Medical Services were supposed to sign the reports.

Nevertheless, a sample review revealed that 25% of the reports were not signed by the latter.

The lack of approval by the department means the agency “did not have independent confirmation” of data from some sites before paying the contractor, auditors said.

The department also failed to finish a vendor performance evaluation for the contract by the deadline established by the city’s Procurement Policy Board.


The department should establish a standard procedure for determining staffing levels for contracts, analyze contracts on a regular basis to ensure they are being met effectively, and ensure that evaluations are completed as needed, according to the auditors’ recommendations.

The recommendations were accepted by the department.

On two other recommendations, the department deviated from the comptroller’s position.


Leaked Emails Reveal That Fauci-led Wuhan Lab Tried Hiding ‘Purposeful Human Manipulation’ in Gain-of-Function Research



Judicial Watch has disclosed the receipt of 5 pages of documents from the FBI, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. These records, dated April 2020, reveal an email exchange among officials at the FBI’s Newark Field Office discussing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China. The correspondence mentions “gain-of-function research,” a term indicating the manipulation of viruses to increase their transmissibility or virulence.

In particular, the email exchange highlights concerns over the NIAID grant’s involvement in gain-of-function research, which, according to one email, could be conducted in a manner that “would leave no signatures of purposeful human manipulation.” This raises questions about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and the potential role of such research in its development.

Judicial Watch’s FOIA request aimed to uncover the FBI’s investigation into the Fauci agency’s gain-of-function grants following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The documents shed light on the FBI’s awareness of the nature of the research funded by the NIAID, indicating a need for further scrutiny into the matter.

In addition to this revelation, Judicial Watch’s ongoing FOIA lawsuits and investigations have uncovered various aspects of Covid-19 controversies. These include communications between government officials and social media platforms regarding the censorship of Covid-related content, as well as records related to vaccine development, testing, and adverse effects.

Overall, these findings underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in understanding the origins of the pandemic and addressing public health concerns effectively. Judicial Watch continues to pursue its investigations to ensure that vital information reaches the public domain.


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New CDC guidelines announced Friday, say to treat Covid like the Flu




In a significant shift, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated guidelines on Friday, signaling a shift in the handling of Covid cases. The new guidance marks another step towards the normalization of the virus, which has dramatically impacted lives worldwide for the past four years.

According to the latest CDC recommendations, individuals diagnosed with Covid no longer need to isolate for a mandatory five-day period. Instead, they should adhere to a set of precautions similar to those commonly practiced with the flu. This includes staying home until experiencing a day without fever and seeing improvement in symptoms.

The move essentially is telling what most of us already knew, to treat Covid more like the flu, and not overreact when ill. While Covid remains a serious public health concern, the latest guidance acknowledges that it is no longer the singular disruptor it once was. Instead, it has become another infectious disease that individuals and communities must manage alongside existing health threats.

Under the updated guidelines, individuals should continue taking precautions, such as wearing masks and limiting close contact with others, for the subsequent five days following symptom improvement. This approach aims to strike a balance between preventing the spread of the virus and allowing individuals to resume normal activities as soon as possible.

The CDC’s revised recommendations reflect evolving scientific understanding of Covid transmission and immunity, as well as the need to adapt public health strategies to the changing landscape of the pandemic. As vaccination rates rise and new variants emerge, health authorities continue to reassess and refine their guidance to best protect public health.


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NYC firefighter forced to retire after COVID “vaccine” injury is suing city for disability benefits




A New York City fireman who was disabled after taking the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” which he was obliged to take in order to maintain his work is suing the city for damages, including enhanced disability compensation.

O’Brian Pastrana, a 35-year-old NYC firefighter, has suffered permanent health damage due to the COVID-19 jabs required by citywide mandates. His lawyer claims that the city is in denial about the incident, which he believes is part of a “disturbing pattern of deliberate cruelty” towards the vaccine-injured and those who spoke out against the mandates. In June, the Fire Pension Fund’s Board of Trustees denied Pastrana’s request for more substantial disability benefits, after the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Board of Health concluded that Pastrana did indeed suffer a heart injury from the injection.

Pastrana now lives off about half his regular salary, a major pay cut, and wants to increase that amount to at least equal what he was receiving previously before being forced to get injected as a condition of continued employment. He received his first dose of one of the mRNA (modRNA) COVID injections on Oct. 29, 2021, and suffered an immediate anaphylactic response, including hives, swelling of the lips, and other horrific symptoms that persisted for weeks.

Pastrana had to be treated in an emergency room for these symptoms and later seen by an FDNY doctor who diagnosed him as having suffered from a COVID injection side effect. He was then diagnosed with myocarditis and determined to be in the throes of heart failure.

In March, an FDNY doctor took Pastrana off full duty and recommended that he retire. He was offered the minimal “ordinary disability retirement,” despite there being higher tiers of disability benefits available, which pays out just 50 percent of his $92,000 salary, minus taxes. Pastrana’s attorney believes his client should be medically and legally eligible for “accidental disability benefits,” which are usually awarded when a firefighter suffers an accidental injury.

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