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MAJOR COVERUP in the JFK Assassination – and it is being directed by the White House



Former President John F. Kennedy’s (JFK) assassination may have involved a significant cover-up, according to independent news analyst Lisa Haven.

“There is a major coverup of a presidential assassination, and it is being directed by the White House,” she said during the July 3 episode of her “Restricted Republic” podcast. According to Haven, a memorandum signed by President Joe Biden on June 30 served to conceal any information about JFK’s killing from the public indefinitely. Haven lamented the mainstream media’s radio silence on the matter.

According to the memorandum, “continued postponement of public disclosure of that information is necessary to protect against identifiable harms to the military defense, intelligence operation, law enforcement and the conduct of foreign relationships that are of such gravity that they outweigh the public interest in disclosure.”

Haven stated that the memorandum has proposed continuing to postpone all information contained in the records. As a result, they will not be made public, and any future disclosure of the information in these records will follow the Transparency Plans.

She claimed that it implied that Americans had no right to know, particularly if the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had a hand in JFK’s murder. Haven noted, however, that the public is already aware of the corruption and political bias of the CIA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Justice.

RFK Jr. believes CIA is involved in his uncle’s murder

Haven also mentioned in her podcast that JFK’s nephew and Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) believes the CIA was involved in his uncle’s death. Biden’s move to sign the memo reportedly outraged the younger Kennedy, she added.

RFK Jr. took to Twitter following the announcement, writing: “The White House has delivered the bad news that President Biden will be maintaining secrecy indefinitely on some JFK assassination-related records.”

“It’s not about conspiracy – it is about transparency. The assassination was 60 years ago. What national security secrets could possibly be at risk and what are they hiding?”

According to the Democratic presidential candidate, the White House announcement was unlawful as it violated the 1992 JFK Records Act. The law, passed unanimously by Congress, promised that all assassination-related records would be released no later than October 2017 – 25 years after it took effect. But Biden’s decision to sign the June 30 memo broke this promise.

“Public trust in government is at an all-time low,” Kennedy said. “Releasing these records would be [a] small but significant step toward regaining that trust.”

Haven commented: “I don’t agree with everything RFK Jr. says, but I absolutely 100 percent agree with the outrage that he shares regarding [his uncle’s] assassination.” She also lauded the younger Kennedy for “putting everything on the line to restate this issue.”

“This is a major cover-up, and the only reason that you would do it in the midnight hours, during a holiday weekend, was because you would want to keep it silent from the public. You wouldn’t want the public to know. You wouldn’t want a lot of outrage, and [Biden] wants to protect his intelligence community.”

Watch Lisa Haven discuss the White House’s coverup of JFK’s assassination through its June 30 memo.

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Biden Crime Family

New Testimony reveals Hunter, and Jim Biden Met Privately with ‘Spy Chief of China’ During Hong Kong Trip after securing $5M payment



Explosive revelations have emerged from a recent congressional deposition given by Jim Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, shedding light on undisclosed meetings between Hunter Biden and a controversial Chinese businessman. The discussions, which took place in September 2017 in Hong Kong, involved Patrick Ho, an executive linked to CEFC China Energy, a Chinese energy conglomerate with reported ties to Chinese military intelligence.

According to Jim Biden’s testimony, he accompanied Hunter Biden to Hong Kong for a lunch meeting with Patrick Ho, who also headed the China Energy Fund Committee, a think tank funded by CEFC China Energy. However, the meeting took an unexpected turn when Ho requested to speak with Hunter alone, leaving Jim Biden unaware of the discussion’s details.

The Biden family’s involvement with CEFC China Energy has raised national security concerns, especially considering the firm’s connections to Chinese military intelligence. The series of events began in 2015 when intermediaries for CEFC China Energy approached Hunter Biden with potential business opportunities while his father, Joe Biden, served as vice president.

Intriguingly, federal prosecutors indicted Patrick Ho just two months after Hunter Biden’s meeting, alleging bribery attempts during the UN General Assembly in 2014 to secure oil rights for CEFC China Energy. Hunter Biden subsequently received $1 million for legal representation, despite minimal involvement in the case.

Jim Biden also disclosed the involvement of Scott Oh, the father of one of Hunter Biden’s daughter’s classmates, who allegedly introduced Hunter Biden to CEFC China Energy and gifted him a diamond ring in 2015. Despite these revelations, Jim Biden claimed ignorance regarding the purpose of Hunter’s meeting with Ho, a statement met with skepticism from Republican lawmakers during the deposition.

The deposition further highlighted Jim Biden’s hiring of a former Secret Service official to investigate Ho before the trip, suggesting a level of precaution inconsistent with Jim’s claim of not prying into Hunter’s activities. Republican lawmakers questioned the discrepancy, prompting Jim Biden to defend his family’s approach to dealing with such matters.

The testimony provided by Jim Biden underscores the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings and potential conflicts of interest. As congressional investigators delve deeper into these revelations, questions about transparency, accountability, and national security implications continue to loom large. The latest disclosures serve as a reminder of the complex web of relationships and interests that intersect at the highest levels of government and international business.

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Biden Crime Family

Rep. Mary Miller Exposes FBI’s Two Systems of Justice




Rep. Mary Miller took to X today to show to hypocrisy of the FBI, exposing different rules for Republicans and Democrats.

She made the comparison of Peter Navarro who snubbed a subpoena from the House committee investigating Jan. 6 seeking testimony and documents.

Navarro was arrested at an airport on contempt of Congress charges.

No arrest has been made for Hunter Biden at this time.

“Hunter Biden today defied lawful subpoenas and we will now initiate contempt of Congress proceedings,” Rep. Jim Jordan said today.

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BOMBSHELL: FBI Lied To Delaware U.S. Attorney About Key Details in Biden Corruption Case




According to documents obtained from the FBI and Department of Justice reveal that the agencies blatantly lied about Rudy Giuliani, a partisan lawyer working for then-President Donald Trump, misleading Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss into believing that all allegations against Hunter Biden came from Giuliani. Weiss was charged with prosecuting Hunter Biden for tax and fraud crimes. By doing this, the FBI concealed information from a whistleblower who accused President Joe Biden of receiving a bribe from Ukrainian authorities in order to assist his son with international business. The whistleblower’s interview was recorded.

Internal emails uncovered by The Federalist demonstrate that information concerning the Hunter Biden affair leaked from the FBI and was first supplied to the New York Times showed that Giuliani’s discovery of Hunter’s notorious laptop and the beginning of the sole inquiry into Hunter. One month after the 2020 election, the FBI Office of Public Affairs National Press Office released the NYT’s report, “Material from Giuliani Spurred a Separate Justice Depart. Pursuit of Hunter Biden,” to Weiss’ Baltimore office.

Together, the emails made public raise concerns about whether Attorney Weiss was properly informed about a secret source previously questioned by the FBI who claimed to have information showing that Biden accepted a $5 million bribe while serving as vice president in exchange for pressuring the Ukrainian government to dismiss a prosecutor looking into Hunter’s employer, Burisma Energy, for corruption.

The testimony was recorded by FBI agents as part of their interview with the source and was included on an FD-1023 form that was initially withheld from congressional Republicans who wanted to link President Biden to any possible criminal behavior by his troubled son. Chuck Grassley, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has already blasted the DOJ for destroying 17 audio recordings that may have implicated Biden. Weiss then heard from another source that the FBI had verified the claims provided by the anonymous person.

Weiss would have known that the confidential source claimed to have spoken with Burisma executive Mykola Zlochevsky, who allegedly told the source that he was forced into paying Biden and Hunter $5 million each in exchange for their assistance in getting prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired. Had Weiss received timely information from the FBI’s FD-1023 form, he would have known that.

50 former U.S. intelligence officers joined forces with Biden officials during the 2020 campaign to assert that Hunter’s accusations of impropriety were a product of “Russian disinformation” meant to harm the reputation of then-candidate Biden. Two years after becoming president, Biden has watched as his son was accused of many offenses, and he is still negotiating conditions for a new plea agreement with Weiss’s office. Republicans in the House are debating whether to impeach President Biden, citing the FBI’s withholding evidence among other things.

Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss was falsely told that all allegations against Hunter Biden originated from Rudy Giuliani, a partisan attorney working for then-President Donald Trump. The FBI withheld a documented interview by a whistleblower who accused President Joe Biden of accepting a bribe from Ukrainian officials to help his son conduct overseas business. Internal emails obtained by The Federalist show that leaks from the FBI about the Hunter Biden scandal, originally sent to the New York Times, suggested the only investigation began with Giuliani and the discovery of Hunter’s infamous laptop. The FBI Office of Public Affairs National Press Office leaked the story to Weiss’ Baltimore office one month after the 2020 election.

The chain of disclosed emails raises questions about whether Attorney Weiss was appropriately notified about a confidential source previously interviewed by the FBI who claimed to have evidence that Biden as vice president accepted a $5 million bribe in exchange for pressuring the government of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating Hunter’s employer, Burisma Energy, for corruption. The FBI documented the testimony in an FD-1023 form that was originally withheld from congressional Republicans seeking to tie President Biden to potential criminal activity by his embattled son.

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