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U.S. DoD Issued Contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine Back in 2019



Beginning in early January 2020, reports of an alleged new pneumonia-like illness spreading throughout Wuhan, China, gave rise to the first reports of a novel coronavirus. The World Health Organization did not formally name the novel coronavirus disease as Covid-19 until February 2020, so the public was not actually aware of Covid-19 until then.

Given that this is the accepted truth, why do U.S. Government data indicate that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract to Labyrinth Global Health INC. for “COVID-19 Research” on November 12, 2019?’, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19?

But the shocking results don’t stop there. In addition to being directed to take place in Ukraine, the contract for “COVID-19 Research” that was awarded in November 2019 was also a component of a much larger contract for a “Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine.”

Perhaps explaining why Labyrinth Global Health has been collaborating with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, and Ernest Wolfe’s Metabiota since its formation in 2017.

The Government of the United States has a website called ‘USA Spending‘, an official open data source of federal spending information. According to the site as of 12th April 2021 the US Government has spent a mind-blowing $3.63 trillion “in response to COVID-19”. But that’s not the only information on Covid that can be found within the site.

Hidden within the ‘Award Search’ are details on a contract awarded by the Department of Defense to a company named ‘Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp‘, which is allegedly “a global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company specialising in infrastructure development”.

On September 20th, 2012, the contract was granted for “Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.” This is obviously very ambiguous and probably won’t interest anyone who happens to come across it. However, something hidden deep within the specifics should be of interest to everyone.

The ‘Award History’ for the contract contains a tab for ‘Sub-Awards’ detailing the recipients, action date, amount, and very brief description for 115 Sub-Award transactions. Most of the Sub-Awards are extremely mundane for things such as “laboratory equipment for Kyiv”, or “office furniture for Kyiv”.

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But there is one Sub-Award that stands out among the rest, and it is was awarded to Labyrinth Global Health INC for “SME Manuscript Documentation and COVID-19 Research”.

When the world is allegedly experiencing a Covid-19 pandemic, an award for Covid-19 research isn’t exactly shocking. However, given that the sub-contract was given out on November 12, 2019, at least a month before the novel coronavirus was allegedly discovered and three months before it was given the name Covid-19, the award for Covid-19 research should be shocking to everyone.


But the shock doesn’t end there, because the place the contact for Covid-19 research was instructed to take place was Ukraine, as was the entire contract awarded by the DOD to Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.

The contract details found on the ‘USA Spending’ site actually reveal that the specific DOD department that awarded the contact was the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). The contract was awarded 20th September 2012, and concluded on 13th October 2020.

Whilst the details are vague, the US Government site also reveals that $21.7 million of the $116.6 million contact was spent on a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’.

Why did the Department of Defense pay a company that is allegedly “a global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company specializing in infrastructure development”, to help implement a “Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’?

Then, why did the DOD and said company pay Labyrinth Global Health INC to conduct COVID-19 research in Ukraine at least a month before the virus was allegedly discovered and three months before it was given the name Covid-19?

Founded in 2017, Labyrinth Global Health is allegedly a “women-owned small business with deep expertise and a proven track record supporting initiatives for scientific and medical advancement.”

They describe themselves as “a multicultural and international organization with offices in four countries and a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and competencies, including microbiology, virology, global health, emerging infectious disease nursing, medical anthropology, field epidemiology, clinical research, and health information systems.”

One of those offices just happens to be located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which the company dubs “a gateway to Eastern Europe”.


The leadership team of Labyrinth Global consists of Karen Saylors, PHD who is the Chief Executive Officer; Mary Guttieri, PHS who is the Chief Science Officer; and Murat Tartan who is the Chief Financial Officer.


Karen Saylors, PhD, who co-founded Labyrinth Global Health, has allegedly worked in the international public health field for over a decade and has spent many years living in Africa establishing global surveillance networks, “working with partners to improve Global Health policy on infectious disease detection, response, and control”.

At Labyrinth, Dr. Saylors specialises in studies that aim to understand and mitigate biological and behavioural risk of disease transmission. Dr. Saylors worked with Oxford University Clinical Trials Network in Vietnam on zoonotic disease surveillance research and continues to coordinate with regional partners on emerging outbreaks in animal and human populations.

But who are the partners that Dr Karen Saylors and Labyrinth Global Health choose to work with? They are none other than the ‘Eco Health Alliance’ and ‘Metabiota’.

Dr Karen Saylors, Eco Health Alliance and Metabiota worked together on the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ‘PREDICT’ program from 2009, while Labyrinth Global Health worked alongside EHA and Metabiota on the PREDICT program from 2017.

Launched in 2009 and funded by USAID, PREDICT was an early warning system for new and emerging diseases in 21 countries. It was led by the University of California’s (“UC”) Davis One Health Institute

 and core partners included EcoHealth Alliance (“EHA”), Metabiota, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Smithsonian Institution, and as we’ve just revealed; Labyrinth Global Health. PREDICT was a forerunner of the more ambitious Global Virome Project.

The USAID describes PREDICT as having made “significant contributions to strengthening global surveillance and laboratory diagnostic capabilities for both known and newly discovered viruses within several important virus groups, such as filoviruses (including ebolaviruses), influenza viruses, paramyxoviruses, and coronaviruses“.

Here’s one of the many studies published by Eco Health Alliance, Metabiota and Labyrinth Global Health proving the connection –


PREDICT partnered with the non-profit Eco Health Alliance (EHA) to carry out its 9-year effort to catalogue hundreds of thousands of biological samples, “including over 10,000 bats.” A PREDICT-funded 2015 study on “diversity of coronavirus in bats” also included Peter Daszak, president of EHA, among its participants.

Eco Health Alliance is listed as a partner of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (“WIV”) on archived pages of its website and was mentioned as a one of the institute’s “strategic partners” by the WIV’s Deputy Director General in 2018.

Notably, David R. Franz, an advisor on EHA policy and a former commander of the US bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick, promoted the relationship between the WIV and the American biodefense establishment.

WIV’s Dr. Shi Zhengli, a.k.a. “Batwoman,” had also worked with EHA’s Daszak on bat-related studies. As far back as 2005, Daszak and Zhengli were conducting research on SARS-like coronaviruses in bats. Several PREDICT-funded studies on SARS-like coronaviruses and Swine Flu count with both Zhengli’s and Daszak’s contributions. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these is a 2015 PREDICT and NIH-funded study she co-authored entitled: ‘A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.

Meanwhile, Nathan Wolfe is the founder of Metabiota and non-profit Global Viral. He spent over eight years conducting biomedical research in both sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Unsurprisingly, Wolfe is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.  More notably, since 2008 he had been a member of DARPA’s DSRC, Defence Science Research Council, until it was disbanded.

All of these people and organisations have been working for at least the last decade studying coronaviruses and helping to set up Biolabs in Ukraine. All using US Department of Defense funds to do so. You can read much more about this herehere and here.

Putting the biolabs in Ukraine to one side for now, let’s return to the subject of Covid-19. If the US Government was funding Covid-19 research before Covid-19 was publicly known to exist then this suggests they either knew Covid-19 existed naturally, or they were involved in constructing this virus in a lab.

The contract evidence should be sufficient to convince you of this, but if it isn’t, you might be persuaded by the fact that Moderna and the US National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID) both had coronavirus candidates in December 2019.

A confidentially agreement which can be viewed herestates that providers ‘Moderna’ alongside the ‘National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) agreed to tranfer ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates’ developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna to recipients ‘The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’ on the 12th December 2019.

Ralph Baric, a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Jacqueline Quay, the director of licensing and innovation support at the university, both signed the material transfer agreement on December 12 and 16, respectively.

Two representatives of the NIAID also signed the document, one of whom was Amy F. Petrik, PhD, a technology transfer specialist, who did so on December 12th, 2019 at 8:05 am. Barney Graham, MD, PhD, another signatory, was an investigator for the NIAID; however, this signature lacked a date.

The final signatories on the agreement were Sunny Himansu, Moderna’s Investigator, and Shaun Ryan, Moderna’s Deputy General Councel. Both signautres were made on December 17th 2019.

All of these signatures were made prior to any knowledge of the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus.It wasn’t until December 31st 2019 that the World Health Organisation (WHO) became aware of an alleged cluster of viral pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China. But even at this point they had not determined that an alleged new coronavirus was to blame, instead stating the pneumonia was of “unknown cause”.

All of this requires much further research to fit all of the pieces of the puzzle together, but here’s what we definitely know so far –

  • A novel coronavirus emerged in Wuhan in December 2019.
  • The world did not get to hear about this novel coronavirus until early January 2020.
  • The world did not know this novel coronavirus was called Covid-19 until February 2020, when the World Health Organization officially named it so.
  • The US Department of Defense awarded a contract for Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services to Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp‘, which is allegedly “a global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company specialising in infrastructure development”.
  • That contract involved a Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine.
  • As part of this larger contract, another contract was awarded to Labyrinth Global Health for ‘COVID-19 Research’ on 12th November 2019.
  • This was awarded at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19.
  • Labyrinth Global Health works alongside the ‘Eco Health Alliance’, and ‘Metabiota’, and participated in the USAID PREDICT program. All of these people and organisations have been working for at least the past decade studying coronaviruses and helping to set up Biolabs in Ukraine. All using US Department of Defense funds to do so.
  • Information found here points to Eco Health Alliance having a hand in creating the Covid-19 virus.
  • Information found here points to Moderna having a hand in creating the Covid-19 virus.
  • ‘Moderna’, alongside the ‘National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) agreed to tranfer ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates’ developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna, to recipients ‘The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’ on the 12th December 2019.

What does all this point to? That’s for you to ponder and decide. But we promise you there is much more to come on the above…

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Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is set to testify in Kari Lake’s lawsuit to investigate fraudulent mail-in ballot signatures.




Kari Lake’s trial in her lawsuit against Maricopa County is set to take place on September 25 and 26. Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer has been subpoenaed to testify and defend Maricopa County’s mail-in ballot procedures and their refusal to be transparent. The Recorder oversees mail-in voting operations, which were manipulated to steal the election from Lake. The trial will be held at 101 West Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85003, in Courtroom 811 at 9:00am PT.

Lake has been fighting against the rigged 2022 election and her lawsuit for public 2022 voter signature records. This evidence will undoubtedly prove the election was rigged in Lake’s upcoming Appeals Court battle. Maricopa County contends that these records contain sensitive information, so they refuse to be transparent with elections. A ruling in a separate Yavapai County Court case confirmed that Maricopa County has been incorrectly defining “voter registration record” and unlawfully verifying mail-in ballot signatures.

The new Yavapai County Court ruling will require only voter registration forms to be used for signature verification, as opposed to previously accepted fraudulent mail-in ballots and other signature forms. Under the Arizona Elections Procedures Manual, when a signature is accepted on a mail-in ballot envelope or a voter uses an in-person polling place touch screen signature log, it is added to the voter’s “registration record” for future reference. Many voters were seen with similar affidavit signatures in consecutive elections that do not match other signatures on their voter registrations or past affidavits.

Arizona election integrity nonprofit We The People AZ Alliance was also in court for oral arguments in their public records lawsuit against Runbeck Election Services in Phoenix and Maricopa County. The Judge indicated he would issue a written ruling on Runbeck and Maricopa County’s Motion to Dismiss “shortly.”

The Gateway Pundit inspected hundreds of illegally verified 2022 mail-in ballot signatures and corresponding voter registration records in Maricopa County through a public records request and reported on the clear fraud involved. Stephen Richer, the Republican responsible for verifying these mail-in ballot signatures, will testify on the stand at trial and attempt to prevent Lake from accessing evidence of a fraudulent election.

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A recently published peer-reviewed research study has raised significant concerns about breastmilk of vaccinated mothers being contaminated with mRNA.

The research, recently published in the prestigious Lancet medical journal, reveals that the administration of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to nursing women might result in the systematic transmission of the vaccine components to breast milk.

Researchers from New York University Grossman Long Island School of Medicine have found that breast milk was contaminated with mRNA up to 45 hours after vaccination in ten women they analyzed. This contradicts the official narrative from government agencies, politicians, and corporate media who believed mRNA was safe for breastfeeding mothers and their infants. Officials have insisted that mRNA shots do not travel throughout the body, but the study suggests that the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA administered to lactating mothers can spread systematically to breast milk in the first two days after maternal vaccination. The study’s peer-reviewed paper was published in the October 2023 edition of the Lancet.

This is not the first study to make these findings, with traces of mRNA found in women’s breast milk in 2022. The authors of the Lancet paper continue to promote the vaccination of breastfeeding mothers, claiming that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines play a vital role in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 infection. However, they do not explain why mothers should take such a risk to be vaccinated against a virus with only mild symptoms.

The significance of this research extends beyond the scope of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, providing valuable insights into the transport and presence of vaccine mRNA in breast milk, which can be relevant for assessing the safety and efficacy of future mRNA-based therapies administered to lactating women.


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“Yesterday a man by the name of Owen Shroyer was sentenced to prison for *speech*, not violence, on Jan 6 – for marching around the Capitol, using a bull horn, & shouting things like ‘1776!’ No violence. Didn’t enter the Capitol. That’s it,” said Ramaswamy Wednesday on X. “I don’t know the guy & I have no idea if he’s a ‘good person’ or not, but that’s not what our justice system is supposed to determine.”

The Republican presidential candidate announced plans to pardon non-violent Jan 6 protesters and political prisoners, citing the FBI’s ‘evidence’ used in their pursuit. He also announced a live-stream of a detailed plan to shut down the FBI and other federal agencies.

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