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Speaker Mike Johnson Received a $95,000 Payment From Lobby Group Shortly After Passage of $14.5B Military Aid Package Late Last Year



Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, has come under scrutiny following revelations that he received significant campaign contributions from a foreign lobby group, particularly known for its pro-foreign policy stance. According to analysis conducted by The Intercept based on Federal Election Commission records, this lobby group donated approximately $95,000 to Johnson’s campaign in November of last year.

The timing of these donations is notable, as they coincided with Johnson’s pivotal role in advancing a high-value aid package through Congress. Johnson’s efforts to expedite this funding drew attention from critics, especially given the significant financial support he received from the lobby group.

In addition to the substantial contribution from the lobby group, Johnson’s campaign also received a substantial amount of money from another political action committee (PAC) in the same year. The majority of these payments occurred after Johnson assumed the position of House Speaker and amidst heightened tensions surrounding a specific issue.

Stephen Walt, a professor of international relations, emphasized the influential role that lobby groups play in shaping U.S. foreign policy, particularly concerning certain regions. He noted concerns about the undue influence of money in politics, citing instances where specific groups targeted lawmakers critical of its policies through attack ads and financial support for opponents.


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