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New Internal DHS Docs Reveal Brennan-Clapper Intel Group Viewed Trump Supporters as Biggest Domestic Terrorism Threat



Recently obtained internal documents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during litigation between America First Legal (AFL) and the Biden Administration reveal contentious discussions within the “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group.” These documents, part of AFL’s #DeepStateDiaries series, uncover the group’s consideration of Trump supporters as potential domestic extremists.

The documents, released in phases, highlight discussions within the DHS intelligence group about expanding DHS’s influence in local communities under seemingly benign initiatives. AFL’s earlier release focused on proposals suggesting increased reporting from teachers and parents regarding their children, sparking concerns about privacy and civil liberties.

Today’s release centers on criteria used by the Biden Administration to identify potential domestic violent extremists. According to the documents, individuals who support former President Trump, have military backgrounds, or espouse religious beliefs are flagged as having “indicators of extremists and terrorism.” The Brennan-Clapper committee within DHS reportedly emphasized these factors as grounds for heightened surveillance and monitoring.

The documents further assert that a significant portion of the domestic terrorism threat originates from supporters of the former president, highlighting a shift in the perceived sources of security risks.

These revelations have raised considerable debate about the potential implications for civil liberties and constitutional rights, prompting calls for transparency and oversight in DHS practices related to domestic extremism.

As AFL continues to release additional documents, the ongoing scrutiny and discourse around these issues are likely to intensify, shaping future discussions on national security and civil liberties in the United States.

For further updates and detailed information on the released documents, visit America First Legal’s website.

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