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New Documentation Reveals Link Between Multiple Sclerosis and COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines



New documentation reveals 2,180 reported cases of Multiple Sclerosis caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, according to WHO database.

2021 April – 35 year old UK nurse Rachel McKinney developed Multiple Sclerosis a few weeks after getting her first 2 Pfizer mRNA jabs in Dec. 2020 and Jan. 2021, and was dead by April 2021 (click here).

Rachel was among the first recipients of Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in England, receiving 1st dose in late Dec 2020 and 2nd dose in Jan. 2021.

Weeks after her 2nd dose in February 2021, Rachel started having slurred speech and feeling confused. She was hospitalized and soon became paralyzed and lost her ability to speak.

She was diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis and after multiple seizures she was placed in a medically induced coma.

Rachel died on April 3, 2021, after 46 days in the hospital. Doctors said Rachel developed a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis after her COVID-19 vaccines.

VAERS 970658 – 62 year old Florida man was diagnosed with “Exacerbation of multiple sclerosis” 4 days after 1st Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

This is one of the first documented cases of “Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation” that were being published in the VAERS database as early as January 2021.

Published Research 

March 2023 – Alluqmani studied 32 people who developed MS after COVID-19 vaccines. He found:

  • mean age 30 years old (range 21 to 45)
  • 21 had vertigo and imbalance, 7 had visual symptoms, 3 had motor symptoms
  • 20/32 had Pfizer, 3/32 had Moderna, 9/32 had AstraZeneca
  • 25 had MS symptoms after 1st dose, 7 after 2nd dose
  • 14 had brainstem demyelinating lesions, 12 had cerebral lesions, 6 had cervical spinal cord lesions, 2 had dorsal spinal cord lesions
  • risk factors for developing MS: low Vitamin D, antibodies for Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen, family history of MS

March 2023 – Jeon et al. reported a 19 year old soldier who died suddenly

  • 19 year old Korean soldier was found dead in barracks on March 22, 2022
  • had 2nd mRNA vaccine 6 months bef ore death
  • 3 months before death he started getting seizures
  • 17 days before death he had COVID-19, self-limited course at home
  • several days before death he complained of recurrent seizures at night

Jan.2022 – Toljan et al. reported 5 new diagnoses of MS post mRNA vaccine

  • 29 yo woman had acute left leg weakness 1 day after Pfizer
  • 37 yo man had left hand paresthesia 3 days after 1st Pfizer
  • 41 yo man had bilateral foot numbness 1 month after 2nd Moderna
  • 46 yo woman had bilateral arm pain and left foot drop 3 days after 2nd Moderna
  • 43 yo woman had right arm weakness 5 weeks after 2nd dose of Pfizer
  • all 5 cases had brain or brain stem lesions on MRI.
Fig. 1

Pfizer and Moderna’s involvement in Multiple Sclerosis 

Pfizer/BioNTech is making an mRNA vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis (click here)

Interestingly, just as Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were being rolled out and first cases of Multiple Sclerosis after COVID-19 vaccination were being reported, the founders of Pfizer’s mRNA partner BioNTech published a paper in January 2021 on a newly invented mRNA vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis they “successfully” tested on mice.

On Jan.13, 2022, world famous journal “Science” published a paper claiming that Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) caused most cases of Multiple Sclerosis (click here).

We tested the hypothesis that MS is caused by Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in a cohort comprising more than 10 million young adults on active duty in the US military, 955 of whom were diagnosed with MS during their period of service.”

Risk of MS increased 32-fold after infection with EBV but was not increased after infection with other viruses…suggest EBV as the leading cause of MS.

Jan. 14, 2022 – Forbes Magazine announced Moderna started human trials for EBV mRNA vaccine (click here

Just one day after Science published a paper claiming EBV causes Multiple Sclerosis, Forbes announced that Moderna just started human trials of “an mRNA vaccine for a virus (EBV) that likely causes Multiple Sclerosis.

WHO’s VigiAccess Database (click here) has 2180 cases of Multiple Sclerosis reported linked to COVID-19 vaccines. Here is a comparison to other neurological injuries:

  • 21,786 Seizures
  • 11,723 Bell’s Palsy
  • 7,693 Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • 5,650 brain fog
  • 5,413 paralysis
  • 2,180 multiple sclerosis
  • 1,300 transverse myelitis

The extent of coordination between the biggest journals like Science, and big pharma, is very visible in the case of Multiple Sclerosis.

Just as the first COVID-19 vaccines were being rolled out and first cases of post-vaccine Multiple Sclerosis were being reported in VAERS, Pfizer/BioNTech announced to the world they had successfully tested their new mRNA vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis on mice.

A year later, one of world’s biggest journals “Science” published a paper claiming most cases of Multiple Sclerosis are caused by Epstein-Barr Virus. The next day, Forbes announced that Moderna had just begun human trials of its EBV mRNA vaccine that can treat Multiple Sclerosis.

There is no nice way to say it:

Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna knew they would cause COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injuries and both were already positioned and fully prepared to profit from the very injuries they caused. 

This is the new big pharma business model in the 2020s. 

The implication is that Pfizer & Moderna knew exactly the types of injuries their COVID-19 mRNA vaccines would cause, before they released them on the public in December 2020.


New CDC guidelines announced Friday, say to treat Covid like the Flu




In a significant shift, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated guidelines on Friday, signaling a shift in the handling of Covid cases. The new guidance marks another step towards the normalization of the virus, which has dramatically impacted lives worldwide for the past four years.

According to the latest CDC recommendations, individuals diagnosed with Covid no longer need to isolate for a mandatory five-day period. Instead, they should adhere to a set of precautions similar to those commonly practiced with the flu. This includes staying home until experiencing a day without fever and seeing improvement in symptoms.

The move essentially is telling what most of us already knew, to treat Covid more like the flu, and not overreact when ill. While Covid remains a serious public health concern, the latest guidance acknowledges that it is no longer the singular disruptor it once was. Instead, it has become another infectious disease that individuals and communities must manage alongside existing health threats.

Under the updated guidelines, individuals should continue taking precautions, such as wearing masks and limiting close contact with others, for the subsequent five days following symptom improvement. This approach aims to strike a balance between preventing the spread of the virus and allowing individuals to resume normal activities as soon as possible.

The CDC’s revised recommendations reflect evolving scientific understanding of Covid transmission and immunity, as well as the need to adapt public health strategies to the changing landscape of the pandemic. As vaccination rates rise and new variants emerge, health authorities continue to reassess and refine their guidance to best protect public health.


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NYC firefighter forced to retire after COVID “vaccine” injury is suing city for disability benefits




A New York City fireman who was disabled after taking the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” which he was obliged to take in order to maintain his work is suing the city for damages, including enhanced disability compensation.

O’Brian Pastrana, a 35-year-old NYC firefighter, has suffered permanent health damage due to the COVID-19 jabs required by citywide mandates. His lawyer claims that the city is in denial about the incident, which he believes is part of a “disturbing pattern of deliberate cruelty” towards the vaccine-injured and those who spoke out against the mandates. In June, the Fire Pension Fund’s Board of Trustees denied Pastrana’s request for more substantial disability benefits, after the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Board of Health concluded that Pastrana did indeed suffer a heart injury from the injection.

Pastrana now lives off about half his regular salary, a major pay cut, and wants to increase that amount to at least equal what he was receiving previously before being forced to get injected as a condition of continued employment. He received his first dose of one of the mRNA (modRNA) COVID injections on Oct. 29, 2021, and suffered an immediate anaphylactic response, including hives, swelling of the lips, and other horrific symptoms that persisted for weeks.

Pastrana had to be treated in an emergency room for these symptoms and later seen by an FDNY doctor who diagnosed him as having suffered from a COVID injection side effect. He was then diagnosed with myocarditis and determined to be in the throes of heart failure.

In March, an FDNY doctor took Pastrana off full duty and recommended that he retire. He was offered the minimal “ordinary disability retirement,” despite there being higher tiers of disability benefits available, which pays out just 50 percent of his $92,000 salary, minus taxes. Pastrana’s attorney believes his client should be medically and legally eligible for “accidental disability benefits,” which are usually awarded when a firefighter suffers an accidental injury.

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Italian Health Minister Under Investigation for Murder for Concealing COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths




“Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza is under investigation for homicide after emails reveal that from the very start of the vaccinations, he knew the shots were killing people and gave orders to local health authorities to conceal deaths and serious side effects in order to reassure Italian citizens of their safety and to not jeopardize the vaccination campaign,” reported InfoWars contributor Greg Reese in viral X post shared by Alex Jones.

The staggering accusations were reported by both German and Italian news networks.

Reese provided an English translation of an Italian broadcast about this story:

The Rome Public Prosecutor’s office is investigating Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who was responsible for the vaccination campaign during COVID measures, and former AIFA director Nicola Magrini, due to complaints about the “AIFA emails” from the Italian Medicines Agency.

Internal emails reveal that the Italian government was aware of the risks of COVID vaccination from the start, with accusations that the minister and drug authority head deliberately exposed the Italian population to this risk.

Yes, they encouraged Italians to get vaccinated. Vaccination was even made mandatory for certain professional groups. Consequently, many side effects, including fatal ones, came to light. The investigations are for murder, serious bodily harm, and more because Speranza and Magrini evidently gave instructions to the local health authorities to conceal the deaths and serious side effects that occurred immediately after the vaccinations began in order not to jeopardize the vaccination campaign — and to reassure the citizens about their safety.

The responsible minister and the head of AIFA are now expected to answer for these actions. According to the complaints from the police unions and the financial police, as well as from the private organization, “Listen to Me,” which represents 4,200 people damaged by vaccines in Italy, police officers and teachers were subjected to mandatory COVID vaccination.

Here is the former Health Minister, Roberto Speranza, proudly announcing vaccination statistics in Italy. “We have now reached a massively significant percentage of vaccinated people in Italy, 89.41%. Therefore, currently in Italy, just over 10% of the population remains unvaccinated.”

Well, today, Roberto Speranza is under investigation for lies he allegedly told about vaccines. Among the crimes the is accused of are ideological falsehood and murder. Look, this is the document we are showing you tonight, exclusively. It states the former minister, Roberto Speranza, along with Nicola Magrini, the former general manager of AIFA, are both registered in the investigative records of the Rome Prosecutor’s Office.

Reese added that recently, the Philippine House of Representatives voted to conduct an investigation into the mysterious surge in unexplained deaths, numbering over 260,000 in 2021 and around 67,000 in 2022.

However, it seems the government inquiry into “shocking” unexplained deaths has been hampered after the country experienced a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

For more investigative research, follow Greg Reese’s work at

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