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FEC Complaint Filed Against Alvin Bragg and Biden Campaign for Alleged Election Interference



Washington, D.C. — America First Legal (AFL) has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) accusing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the Biden campaign of illegal election interference. According to the complaint, Bragg allegedly acted “in cooperation, consultation, or concert, with, or at the request of” President Joe Biden to influence the 2024 presidential election.


The AFL’s complaint highlights that under the Federal Election Campaign Act and FEC regulations, Bragg’s actions resulted in contributions that exceeded the $3,300 per-election individual contribution limit, which the Biden campaign knowingly accepted. This accusation stems from the involvement of Matthew Colangelo, who left his position as the number three official in the Department of Justice (DOJ) to join Bragg’s office. AFL argues that this move suggests partisanship, given Colangelo’s previous role in the New York Attorney General’s Office, which had a competing investigation related to former President Donald Trump.

Additionally, the complaint notes that Colangelo had made several contributions to Bragg’s District Attorney campaign, further raising questions about impartiality. The AFL points out that Attorney General Merrick Garland recently declined to agree to turn over communications between the DOJ and Bragg’s office during a congressional hearing, which the AFL claims adds to the perception of partisanship.

In its conclusion, the AFL states: “The overall record in these matters — including Colangelo’s ‘jump-starting’ of the case, Garland’s refusal to disclose communications between his Department and Bragg’s office, and the Biden campaign’s press event and statement immediately after the trial and conviction — indicates that Bragg’s hush money prosecution was made to harm President Trump’s 2024 candidacy.”

The complaint calls for the FEC to investigate these allegations to determine if any violations of federal election law have occurred. Both the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the Biden campaign have yet to respond to the allegations made in the complaint.

As this situation develops, it remains to be seen how the FEC will handle the complaint and what potential impacts it might have on the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

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