Nurse Refused To Give The COVID Vaccine

Red Cross nurse Antje T, 39, refused to give COVID vaccines to 8,600 elderly people at a vaccine center in Germany.

The nurse was found guilty but only given 6 months probation.

Another employee snitched on the nurse after she saw her use saline solution instead of the vaccine on 6 different people.

Law enforcement conducted antibody tests to prove she had given more than just 6 individuals the fake vaccine.

The nurse’s license has been revoked.

The verdict can be appealed this week.

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2 thoughts on “Nurse Refused To Give The COVID Vaccine

    1. Sorta tough to “count antibodies” when the damn vaccines have cancer T cells in them to destroy your immune system. So them saying they proved their case by counting antibodies is just absolutely bullshit…they lied!

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